Quit Being a Catalyst

photoI don’t know what it is about our society that makes us want to rush our lives, but we do. Think about it. Every time you see a high school (especially junior or senior) or college student, what is first thing you ask them? Yeah, you ask them how they are doing, but I’m talking about immediately after that. It’s a question all students feel like they need an answer to: “Do you know what you are going to do when you graduate?” Don’t pretend you haven’t asked at least one person that dreadful question; I know you have. I’ve done it too. Why is it so dreadful, you ask? Well, because it makes students nervous. And this doesn’t only happen to students. Questions about our futures come up all the time. It forces us to think about what’s going to happen to us in a few years. These questions ultimately make us Christians desire to make our own plans, and make them soon. But that’s not what God desires for us. He wants us to follow Him; to trust Him with our futures. Now, tell me, how can we fully put our trust in God and plan our own lives at the same time? The answer is simple: We can’t. It is not humanly possible to do both at the same time. This is because God loves surprising His children. When we plan our whole lives out, or even just a portion of our lives, we are limiting His ability to throw surprises at us. We tell Him “I’ve got this, I know where you want me to go.” We stop listening for His voice to lead us, and we start becoming numb to it. Then we wonder why we can’t hear it. We get angry that He isn’t making Himself known to us. It creates an ongoing circle of feeling lost.

This happens when we plan even one day ahead. That may sound ridiculous to you, but it’s not. It’s the truth. I’m not saying that we have to sit at home all day every day and wait for God to tell us to get up and do something. I’m saying that while we make plans to hang out with our friends on the weekend and go to dinner with our cousins one evening, we need to be aware that God may have something totally different in store for us. If He asks you to cancel plans you have and points to someone he wants you to have a conversation with instead, do it. We need to be seeking Him and His plan daily. And we, as the Body of Christ, need to be supportive of our friends who may cancel on us due to this happening. Because it will happen. It happens all the time; a lot of us just don’t notice because we don’t want to have to leave our friends. Come on, guys. It’s time to step up and obey God. Stop telling Him no. How do you plan on following His plan for your life if you can’t follow His plan for your day? Focus on the present. Stop being a catalyst in your own and other peoples’ lives. Make God the center of your life. He’s got you. He can see where you’re headed. You may think you can see it, but can you really?

Stop planning for yourself, and start living for God.

6 thoughts on “Quit Being a Catalyst

  1. I completely see where you’re coming from! Keep in mind though that God also sometimes allows us to make the decision ourselves. At those times it feels like God isn’t talking to you and you almost feel abandoned, like, “God I’m waiting for you, and you’re not telling me what to do,” but He is trusting you enough to make the decision. Also, to me it sounded like you said not to make any big plans, but like you said, sometimes God does change your plans, so it can be a good thing to make plans you just have to be WILLING when God tells you to move on to something else.

    Good job on this one! Keep it up! 🙂


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